Logbook functions

Editing your trips is that simple

Simply assign

Business to the right – Private to the left – Awesome simple! The commute can also be added with one click.


All trips are automatically transferred to the app. The start screen displays important information at a glance.

Assign private trips in the app
Assigned your business trip? Then simply add purpose and business partner - alternatively also commute and notes.

Purpose, Partner, Commute

After a trip has been assigned as a “business trip”, the purpose, business partner, commute and notes can be added. Commute and notes appear in a separate column in the export. Under the Notes field, you can add important info like drivers, detour details and so on.


Frequently visited places can be assigned to the “hotspots”. The next time you drive to these addresses, it only takes one click, because AutoLogg already fills in all the important details for you.

AutoLogg App - Create Hotspots

iOS and Android

The AutoLogg app is available in Google Play Store and iTunes Store. After registering on the AutoLogg web portal and plugging in the box, you can log in to the app with your registration data.

AutoLogg App - Connecting trips

Connecting trips

Journeys can be easily connected and assigned together. Please note: no already assigned trips may be in between.

App-Icon - Disconnecting connected trips again

simply separate them again.

The "Mixed Trips" Feature

Mixed Trips

One Trip can be assigned to a private and business part using the “mixed trip” feature. To do this, click on the trip and slide the scale to the left or right as desired. For the business part, the business partner and purpose must be entered.

In the export, the assigned shares appear in the respective column, depending on the type of trip.


You prefer to edit your trips via PC?

The AutoLogg Web Trip-Editor

The AutoLogg Trip-Editor - Easy editing of trips via PC

Secure Storage

Losing data is a risk when keeping a driver’s log. With our system, trips are recorded securely and are always available, independent of the device.