Logbook functions

Discover the most important functions of our digital logbook

Assign a business trip

Simply assign

Business to the left – Private to the right. The commute can also be added with one click.


All trips are automatically displayed in the app. All trips that are still open as well as those that have already been assigned appear on the start screen.

Assign private trips in the app
Logbook App AutoLogg

Purpose, partner, notes

After assigning a trip as “business trip”, the purpose, business partners and notes can be added. Commute and notes appear in a separate column in the export. With notes you can add important information like redirection details.

business trips - AutoLogg app

Connecting trips

Journeys can be easily connected and assigned together. Please note: no already assigned trips may be in between.

simply separate them again.

Connect trips - How it works
Mixed Trips Feature

Mixed Trips

Trips can be assigned to different trip types using the “Mixed trip” function. Simply click on the trip, select “this is a mixed trip” and move the scale to the left or right. For the business part, the business partner and purpose must be entered. Use Notes (displayed in a separate column in the report) to describe a detour for the employer or the tax authorities.

In the PDF export, the assigned trips appear in a separate column, depending on the type of trip.


You prefer to edit your trips via PC?

Logbook App AutoLogg

The AutoLogg Web Logbook Editor

Edit your journeys easily on your PC or tablet. With the latest software version of AutoLogg, you can use all the features in the app and on the web, and easier than ever before.

Digital driver's log AutoLogg - The new logbook software is released

Secure Storage

Losing data is a risk when keeping a driver’s log. With our system, trips are recorded securely and are always available, independent of the device.