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AutoLogg Connected Tesla App

240,00  / year

Logbook app (for download in the iTunes or Google Play Store)

AutoLogg Connected communicates directly with your Tesla and receives the trip data instantly. The app can be loaded onto your mobile phone within and registration is possible right after purchase. As soon as you have added your Tesla, your trips are recorded securely and your logbook is kept automatically.

Package includes:

  • The license of use and data transfer for 12 months
  • Future updates and improvements
  • Competent service

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12-month license for your AutoLogg Connected

Next steps:

Purchase AutoLogg Connected to get instant access. After registering in the web portal, you can connect your Tesla to AutoLogg and download the app. From this moment on AutoLogg receives the trip data and delivers your trips to your smartphone, tablet or PC automatically and in seconds. You can easily download your completed logbook as EXCEL or CSV at any time.

Info: In order to enable you to conveniently extend AutoLogg in the future, your license will automatically be extended by a further 12 months after your 12-month contract term. If you do not want this, you can of course cancel 4 weeks prior to the end of the existing contract term.