Addresses are incorrect. What to do?


The displayed addresses are determined from the GPS data using geolocation services. With every GPS receiver, such as navigation devices, it takes a certain amount of time to establish a stable connection to satellites. If there is no stable signal shortly after the start of the trip, the addresses may differ from your actual destination. But don’t worry – you can adjust the addresses manually. Only the continuous mileage data is of interest to the tax office.

Can addresses be changed?

You can change the address of the starting point and destination within 48 hours.

Hotspot not correct. What to do?

You can change the addresses of hotspots. Simply click in the desired address field of the starting point or destination to change it as needed.

Is it possible to delete entries?

In order to ensure that the driver’s log is kept in compliance with the tax authorities, no logbook entries may be deleted.